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Fashion on the Field competitions are a popular part of local race meetings, and are an excellent way of showcasing race goer’s style and flair.

While entering Fashions of the Field is becoming increasingly popular with casual race goers, there are a few guidelines generally followed by judges that serious contenders should take into account when composing their outfit.

The key to a successful outfit is appropriateness; it must fall squarely in the category of race wear as well as suiting the season. Given that Autumn weather can be unpredictable it is a good idea to include some options that enable you to adjust your outfit slightly to suit the weather on the day.

A layered outfit will facilitate this, while also ensuring you are comfortable if the temperature varies with the time of day. The term “race wear” incorporates classic, elegant styles including sculpted dresses and suits suitable for afternoon wear. Cocktail or after five dresses are not considered to fall into the race wear category. The broad rule of dressing for Autumn racing is to wear a closed toe shoe, a slightly darker outfit and a felt or wool based hat. Men should wear a two or three piece suit and tie and ensure that shoes are appropriate and well-polished.

A special thank you to our Fashions on the Field sponsors, Dalby Shoppingworld and Brisbane Riverview Hotel.

General Hints

  • When selecting the style of your outfit, check for an appropriate length, not more than a few inches above the knee, in the current season the outfit should also have covered shoulders. Layering options for Autumn include a full or three quarter sleeve jacket or bolero.
  • In order to successfully coordinate your outfit it is best to start with a colour theme, this will ensure that your hat, bag, headpiece and other accessories complement each other.
  • Popular winning Autumn colour schemes include black and white, grey with a brighter colour, darker pastel tones with cream. All black is generally considered too somber for the race wear category.
  • A hat or headwear should always be worn by women entering Fashions of the Field. Autumn options include pillbox styles, fascinators and berets, headwear does not need to be a huge statement piece, it should be tasteful and coordinate with your colour scheme.
  • Shoes should have a closed toe, and be worn with stockings or tights. Your bag or clutch should again not be oversized, both size and colour should complement rather than obscure your outfit. Leather or fabric gloves are appropriate for Autumn.
  • Jewelry should be chosen to balance your outfit, rather than overpower it. Small stud style earrings are considered the best choice when wearing a hat or headpiece.
  • Grooming is essential, hair should be clean and styled to complement your head wear, bearing in mind it can be more difficult to fix a fascinator in freshly washed hair. The best way to ensure that your hair works with your outfit is to have your hairdresser style your hair and fit your headpiece.
  • Make up should be suitable for day, it is best to avoid very dark lipsticks and heavy eye make up.

How to Enter


A team of ‘Fashion on the Field’ spotters will wander through the crowd on race day selecting semi-finalists.

As the crowd on Picnic Race day is large, we invite suitably dressed candidates to present themselves at the Fashion Pop Up Marquee.
All judging will take place on the band stage area at the back of the Black Toyota marquee.


Hayes Jewellers Leading Edge Best Dressed Classic Lady
  • Timeless style and originality, with a clear comprehension of the interpretation of race wear.
  • Outfit should be appropriate for the season and the weather on the day.
  • It should include suitable shoes and coordinated accessories.
  • Head wear is essential.
Eyecare Eyewear Best Dressed Contemporary Lady
  • An original outfit demonstrating a stylish interpretation of current trends in fashion.
  • Outfit should be appropriate for the season and the weather on the day.
  • It should include attention to detail in accessories.
  • Head wear is essential and should be of a contemporary design to complement the outfit.
Lowes Menswear Best Dressed Gentleman
  • Should display an understanding of male race wear with appropriateness for the season and weather on the day.
  • The outfit should be individualised with accessories such as a hat, lapel flower, cufflinks or pocket handkerchief.
  • Jackets, waistcoats and ties in line with current fashion trends are encouraged.
Prouds The Jewellers Best Dressed Couple
  • Entrants should be individually outstanding and make a coordinated pair.
  • Men’s outfits should include a suit or jacket and tie.
  • Women’s must include headwear and complementary seasonally suitable accessories.
  • Both outfits should reflect current fashion trends and be suitable for the season and the weather on the day.
Amcal+ Best Hat/Millinery
  • Should make a clear fashion statement yet fully complement the outfit.
  • Style and design should demonstrate originality and be appropriate for the season.
  • Head wear should be individualised with original detail.


  • A panel of 3 suitably qualified judges are selected to judge the Fashions on the Field.
  • Judges selected are independently from the Dalby Amateur Picnic Race Club and do not reside in Dalby.
  • The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Dale Olsson has long been a member of Brisbane’s fashion community. For many years she was the owner of the iconic millinery boutique, The Hat Box in the Brisbane Arcade which supplied original headwear to stylish racegoers all over Australia. She also assisted her clients by offering styling advice to those wanting to enter Fashions on the Field events.

Racing fashion is a particular interest of Dale’s and she has won many Fashions on the Field events over the years. She judges FOTF events throughout Queensland and is a member of the Brisbane Racing Club’s Fashion Committee. Dale is on the Sunday Mail’s, Queensland’s Most Stylish People list and currently writes feature articles for the Ladies in Racing magazine.

Dale is looking for someone who is dressed appropriately for the season of Autumn. Even if it is a warm day, entrants need to have a nod to the season, which Dale says means no straw hats and feathers, felt, leather or lace are preferable. It also means no sandals, bare shoulders or mini skirts.

  • Dale would like to see an awareness of the latest fashion trends, a smiling and confident personality, as well as good grooming and deportment.
  • For her, the winner will have to have something a little bit different which will make her or him stand out from the crowd. It could be an interesting colour combination or a quirky accessory, some little thing which will give them the “wow” factor.

Sharen Kenny has had a successful thirty year career in the Fashion and Television industries. Based in Europe as an international fashion model, she worked in Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Milan, London, Stockholm, Copenhagen as well as Tokyo on the global circuit. Sharen has worked for many of the world’s leading international and Australian Fashion brands and magazine publications as well as presented on national and local television.

Sharen is the co-owner of Palatine Productions together with Director Ian Withnall.

She brings her broad wealth of fashion knowledge teamed together with her love for the Australian rural community to the 107th Dalby Picnic Races today, and is excited to meet all of the glamourous crowd as one of the FOTF Judges.

  • Sharen adores the “Classic” looks of timeless fashion icons such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, so she will be on the lookout for individual but classic looks together with a big smile! “Personality always completes the PERFECT look” says Sharen. In the Male category Sharen is on the lookout for the “dapper classics” with a cheeky twist!

Pia du Pradal is an Australian designer of high-end fashion designed and manufactured in Brisbane including tailored women's clothing, suitable for races, special occasions, mother of the bride and professional events. Pia has two boutiques located in the Brisbane Arcade and Milton.

  • Similar to the other judge's Pia's taste is heavily skewed towards a classical tailored look. She will however give extra consideration to outfits made of natural fibre - especially cotton and wool (because that’s what is produced in the area). She would also like to see ‘made in Australia', outfits that include some homemade, but  of course in the final analysis it will be the overall look that will count on the day.

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